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"La Vita" Beauty Balance

Harmony. Relaxation. Strength. Energy.

Enjoy our relaxing facials, cosmetic and SPA-treatments in our LVBB. Take a break – enjoy some quality time. Our well-trained staff will advice you on the best treatment for your needs and wishes.

We kindly ask you to book your treatments well ahead to make sure you will enjoy the treatment you would like, at the time that suits you.

We use products by Maria Galland and !QMS.

Maria Galland Paris
!QMS Medi Cosmetics

Relaxing Packages

It's a Woman's World
  • Intensive face-neck-cleavage treatment (+ 1 essence to take home)
  • Thalasso- package in warm waterbed
  • Pedicure with package
  • Relaxation in the quiet room in one of our waterbeds
  • A glass of Prosecco
 Duration: ca. 190 min. € 189,-
It's a Man's World
  • Serail in the hotroom

  • Exclusive facial (+ ….)

  • Energy-foot-massage

  • Pedicure with peeling

  • To finish: A glass of cold wheat beer

 Duration: ca. 180 min. € 189,-
Bridges to Our Soul
  • Aromatic whole-body-massage

  • Head Shiatsu

  • Ear-candle treatment

  • Window-to the-Soul treatment with Eye Masque Patch

 Duration: ca. 110 min. € 121,-
Finding Yourself
Herbal sauna, followed by a relaxing and cleansing soapy foam massage on the heated aqua bed, then enjoy the Cleopatra bath on the softpack bed; to round it off, have a glass of Prosecco on the waterbed
 Duration: ca. 85 min. € 95,-
Ying and Yang
  • Head Shiatsu

  • Energy-Balance massage

  • Energy foot massage

 Duration: ca. 150 min. € 145,-
In Balance
  • Bath of whey/milk in our Caracalla bathtub

  • Whole-body honey massage

  • Energy foot massage

 Duration: ca. 120 min. € 125,-
Soon to be ... mum
  • Intensive moisturizing revitalizing facial with pure oxygen treatment

  • Relaxing massage for shoulders, neck and arms

  • Pedicure with foot peeling

 Duration: ca. 150 min. € 145,-
Simply beautiful
  • Facial

  • Whole-body treatment (peeling/massage)

  • Manicure with massage

  • 1 glass of Prosecco

 Duration: ca. 180 min. € 181,-
For Her or Him
  • Facial with deep cleansing

  • Bavarian Forest whole-body massage

  • Mud bath on the floating bed (activates metabolism, stimulates blood flow, eases muscular tension)

 Duration: ca. 140 min. € 142,-
From Head to Toe
For Her of for Him
  • Facial with coloured light ( + 1 essence….)

  • Head Shiatsu

  • Manicure with massage

  • Classical Thalasso treatment with brushes

  • Energy foot massage

  • Pedicure with foot massage

 Duration: ca. 280 min. € 285,-
Relaxing Together
Peeling and package in our herbal sauna, followed by a massage with different oils. Then relax on warm waterbeds with a cup of tea.
1 personDuration: ca. 90 min. € 89,-
2 personsDuration: ca. 90 min. € 159,-
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